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Neo Dak is a young and dynamic company, with extensive experience in roofing for flat roofs. It doesn't matter, big or small, Neo Dak offers you the right solutions. Our specialty is working with the most diverse plastic roof coverings. Since 2006, Neo Dak has been a permanent point of contact for many clients and project developers with projects in various countries. The passion and drive have ensured that many large and complete projects have already been realized. The enormous growth of Neo Dak is best reflected in the m² of roof covering produced in In recent years:

                                     2006    circa     10.000m²  
                                     2007    circa     16.000m²  
                                     2008    circa     55.000m²  
                                     2009    circa     75.000m²  
                                     2010    circa     82.000m²  
                                     2011    circa   160.000m²  
                                     2012    circa   135.000m²  
                                     2013    circa   111.000m²  
                                     2014    circa   160.000m²  
                                     2015    circa   180.000m²
                                     2016    circa   210.000m²
                                     2017    circa   280.000m²
                                     2018    circa   360.000m²
                                     2019    circa   420.000m²

In all, more than 2.000.000m² of experience
Our team consists of a fixed group of professionals and, due to our large network, quickly adaptable for any requested job.
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